* These are Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable devices and their function depends on the loaded app.
We offer many ready-to-use apps, among them a serial-over-IP (SoI) app and Modbus Gateway app.
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Corporate Profile — Tibbo Technology Inc.

Tibbo® is a registered trademark of Tibbo Technology Inc, a Taiwan corporation. The company has its headquarters in Taipei.

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About us

Tibbo Technology was founded in 2001. At the time, we were among the pioneers in developing serial-over-IP (SoI) controllers (a.k.a. “device servers” or “serial-to-Ethernet converters”), modules, and related PC software. Tibbo’s SoI products remain popular to this day.

The success of the SoI product line became the stepping stone to a much more ambitious goal that was the very reason why Tibbo Technology was founded:

We undertook to become a leader in hardware and software solutions that simplify and speed up the creation of IoT and automation devices.

IoT Hardware

Today, Tibbo Technology focuses on designing, manufacturing, and marketing programmable IoT modules, boards, and controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and automation applications.

The Company's latest offering is called the Tibbo Project System (TPS). TPS is an award-winning modularized automation platform based on Tibbits — miniature color-coded blocks implementing various IO functions. The versatility of TPS allows it to be utilized across a multitude of verticals. TPS devices are used to control test fixtures, work side-by-side with robots, replace PLCs in machinery control, collect data, control legacy equipment, and perform many other tasks. TPS is also perfect in educational environments.

The Toolchain

Having understood early on that our core mission could not be accomplished without great software, we have actively involved ourselves in developing the right software and tools for our devices. To this end, Tibbo has developed a lightweight and agile Tibbo OS (TiOS) for our IoT modules, boards, controllers, and TPS devices. We have also created Tibbo BASIC and C programming languages, a toolchain for these languages, and Tibbo IDE (TIDE) development software facilitating a rapid creation of IoT and automation applications that run on our hardware.

In addition, we possess an in-depth knowledge of Linux. Our first Linux-based product — the LTPP3 board — belongs to our TPS line, and more Linux devices are on the way. We also have a good practical understanding of modern web technologies, iOS, and popular programming environments, such as Node.js.

Ready-to-use Solutions

Our hardware and development tools have allowed us to develop and offer several complete (ready-to-use) solutions, such as the Modbus Gateway and Remote IO Solutions, with more on the way. Except for the code developed for our customers, all Tibbo BASIC/C apps we create are released as open-source software and published in the Code and Applications section of our website.

Other Endeavours

Our primary mission aside, we are no strangers to experimentation and side projects. One such foray into the unknown resulted in the creation of a PC software called IO Ninja, a now popular terminal/sniffer software that is years ahead of its competition. Infinitely expandable through scriptable plug-in modules, Ninja can be used to communicate over and debug serial links and IP traffic. Ninja scripts are written in Jancy (as in “Java-and-C”) — a revolutionary programming language that was invented by Tibbo.

Another unusual product that was born of our own manufacturing needs and that is now becoming a foundation for our expansion into “moving” products, such as robotics and automation, is the Uni•Qb 3D construction set. Inspired by Meccano and Erector kits, Uni•Qb is a 3D construction set for industrial and lab applications requiring strength and precision. The kit includes innovative, patent-pending solid cubes and beams.

Combined, Tibbo hardware, application development tools, existing application code base, and the IO Ninja terminal/sniffer form one of the most complete IoT ecosystems ever offered by a single company. Take our hardware device, develop an app for it using our software tools, then deploy multiple units in the field. Should a problem arise, debug with IO Ninja.

OEM and Development Services

Our expert knowledge in IoT hardware and software also allow us to offer comprehensive and cost-effective application (software) development, system integration, full product development, and contract manufacturing services. We typically take on projects that can utilize our Tibbo Project System or can be based on our TiOS- or Linux-compatible hardware. In select cases, we accept projects that have nothing to do with our core business.

Our people, including the top management of the company, have a particularly vast experience in the fields of industrial automation, embedded systems, Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC), Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and robotics.

Partner Network

Tibbo’s partner network includes distributors, system integrators, and manufacturers from more than 50 countries. We are always expanding our partner network and welcome any related inquiries. Become a Tibbo reseller and take advantage of our excellent technical support, deep understanding of IoT and automation markets, as well as our experience in system integration and product development.

Gigatek Group

Tibbo Technology is a member of the Gigatek group of companies, a diverse conglomerate of businesses united through common investors and a central manufacturing facility — the Gigatek factory — that handles all the manufacturing needs of Tibbo Technology and other members of the Group.

Taiwan, the Switzerland of China

Tibbo Technology is located in Taiwan, a place of stunning natural beauty, kind, educated, and skilled people, a truly democratic rule of law, and outstanding technological and manufacturing prowess (the food is fantastic, too!). Business-wise, Taiwan is deeply integrated with and enjoys unprecedented access to Mainland China while retaining de-facto independence, as well as its own cultural, economic, and political identity. This is the reason why Dmitry Slepov, the Managing Director and a Co-founder of Tibbo calls Taiwan "the Switzerland of China." Like Switzerland and the EU, Taiwan and China are together, yet separate at the same time.

We welcome you to visit Tibbo and experience Taiwan firsthand. Those who already came here know that Taiwan is very different from Mainland China in the way its people and companies conduct business and deal with clients and partners. The benefits for you and your business may turn out to be tremendous!

Our People and Management

While being a Taiwan company, Tibbo prides itself on combining the best aspects of Taiwan and Western management to create an efficient, creative and nurturing workplace environment. Unlike many other companies, we have a super-flat management structure (no middle management fat whatsoever), waste virtually no time on meetings and “reporting”, have no glass ceilings, and readily recognize and reward employee achievements. Above all, Tibbo is a happy place to work.

The company employs a team of talented and dedicated professionals from ten countries (and are aiming to increase the number). This creates a multicultural melting pot that is exceptionally conducive to generating new ideas. Every employee in our Marketing and Sales division speaks English, and 80% of our engineering workforce have a good command of the English language as well. The majority of our employees have joined Tibbo for the long haul, and we are very proud of our low attrition rate.

Tibbo R&D department counts a diverse team of skilled professionals in the areas of general hardware development, RF and wireless design, industrial design, mechanical design, firmware development, Windows, Linux, and iOS development, web design, and production.

If you are interested in advancing your career with Tibbo, please see the list of our current job openings. In fact, send us your resume even if the role you are interested in is not on the list. We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals and welcome any job-related inquiries.


To speed up and aid in the R&D process, Tibbo has set up a micromanufacturing facility in its headquarters in Taipei. Equipped with an SMT “chip shooter” and other production equipment, our micromanufacturing cell is perfect for producing samples and arranging pilot runs.

The automated assembly process ensures that our samples and pilot-run devices have an unmistakable factory-made feel. At the same time, our micromanufacturing cell is small and nimble enough to allow for quick changes and frequent adjustments.

When the new product is deemed stable and ready for “MP” (Mass Production), we pass it to our groups manufacturing facility — Gigatek Inc.

Not Made in China

Manufacturing-wise, Tibbo does not set foot in Mainland China. All our hardware (and your hardware if you contract us with an OEM project) is built in Taiwan, at our group’s manufacturing facility in Taichung. The factory is a short two-hour drive from our offices in Taipei.

Gigatek (Taiwan) is not a typical run-of-the-mill contract manufacturer you usually find in Asia. Unlike most contract manufacturers, Gigatek specializes in high-mix/low-volume (HMLV) production. It is this focus on HMLV manufacturing that makes Gigatek unique among its peers. Most non-consumer products fall into this category, so it is natural for Gigatek to be an expert in high-end industrial products!

Gigatek factory...

  • Is equipped with modern machinery from Juki, Sony, Sanyo, Seiko, and other top-line manufacturers. All machinery is constantly updated.
  • Boasts loyal, knowledgeable, and experienced workforce. Low attrition means that there is no need to constantly retrain newcomers. If you have any experience in dealing with Mainland China then you know how precious this is!
  • Holds multiple certifications, among them, ISO9001, ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System, and TS16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System.
  • Runs on SAP/HANA and boasts one of the most sophisticated IT, factory floor, and production management systems in the industry.
  • Practices the “5S” quality assurance methodology and Toyota Production System (TPS).
  • Operates since 1984. Survived through market crashes, economic downturns, and other calamities that wiped out a huge number of its competitors.
  • Located in Taiwan, a country with a firm rule of law that provides, among other things, a functioning protection of intellectual property (IP) rights.
  • Situated in Taichung, a world-class manufacturing center. Enjoys proximity to outstanding manufacturers of automotive, battery, semiconductor, optical, and many other kinds of products.

To summarise, our R&D skills and production base are second to none. Have an idea? Bring it to us! We will turn your idea into a real product and take care of the production as well.

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